Volunteer with us

We have a range of volunteering opportunities for people of all ages and interests, giving you the chance to get involved in professional and well organised sporting events. You don’t need any experience, just some enthusiasm and a pair of comfy shoes!

Our commitment

Volunteers make things happen and many of our events would not be the same without the commitment and dedication of volunteers willing to invest in their community.


  • To value you and your time
  • To be inclusive, ensuring you feel part of the team
  • To keep you informed and communicate effectively
  • To empower you through opportunities to gain new skills and experiences
  • To connect you with others at our social events
  • To help you have fun


We realise that people volunteer for different reasons and if you’re thinking about volunteering, we’d love to hear from you.

If you are new to volunteering, you may be unsure of which type of event you’d like to get involved with or how to go about it, but we can help and advise.

Please drop us an email: volunteer@acleisure.com or call your local centre to register your interest and join our database of brilliant volunteers.