Vera 89, makes her move to stay connected

We caught up with Vera at Kingfisher Leisure Centre, where she visits every week day.

Vera said “Using the facilities gives me a purpose, a routine and the opportunity to get out every day and meet other people. I love using the rower but sometimes I also use the bikes.”

At 89, she feels it helps to keep her mobile and strong, not just physically but mentally too.

She chooses to go to Kingfisher at quieter times when there are other customers there  in a similar position to her – it’s her chance to meet and connect with likeminded people.

Despite her age, she doesn’t suffer with any back problems and she thinks the rowing helps with this.

“I think it helps pull everything back into shape” she said with a smile on her face.

“Coming to the gym and staying active is such a huge advantage and whilst my husband was alive, the gym offered me respite from being his full-time carer, because he was living with Parkinson’s Disease.”

“However, since he passed away, I now consider it more of a lifeline for me, and I’m so grateful for it.”


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