Whether you’re a seasoned professional triathlete or a parent who gets their exercise from chasing kids around all day, balance plays a role in everything you do. At its peak, great balance has the power to support us during workouts, long shifts standing on our feet, and everyday chores; at its worst, poor balance can lead to injury, keeping us from doing the things we love.

“Having balance is so important—not only in fitness but in our everyday lives,” fitness trainer Katie Austin previously told Well+Good. “Balancing is a huge aspect of any movement we do—even when we’re standing on our own two feet, we’re maintaining balance whether we’re aware of it or not.”

If you struggled to maintain balance in 2022, this list is for you! For a more poised, steady 2023, read on to discover our favorite balance tips from last year.

6 best balance tips for 2023

1. How to test your balance in 30 seconds

To get a clear idea of where your balance level is currently at, try this simple, 30-second balance test. While standing on one leg, close your eyes, cross your arms over your chest, and try to stay in this position for as long as possible.

If you can last the full 30 seconds, congratulations! Certified personal trainer Justin Agustin says this indicates excellent balance. If you last for more than 15 seconds, your balance is considered above average, and anything below 10 seconds is considered to indicate below average. If you belong to the latter category, no fear: Incorporating balancing exercises into your workout regimen can improve your results over time.