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The Stand Tall Programme

Stand Tall is a free 8 week programme for 11-19 year olds designed to support your wellbeing. Courses take place across West Suffolk from September 2019.

If you’re aged between 11-19, Stand Tall can help you to:-

  • Understand more about keeping a healthy mind
  • Experience the benefits of being active in a small social group
  • Help improve low feelings, anxiety, stress or lack of motivation
  • Improve concentration, confidence and self-esteem
  • See course details and how to register below.
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8 week course details

Each course offers 8 weekly sessions, each is 1.5 hours, made up of a 45 minute wellbeing workshop and 45 minutes of pad work moving into the gym.

Wellbeing sessions will help to raise your awareness of how lifestyle choices can affect you. Physical activity sessions offer gradual progression, with the end goal for you to feel confident to continue being active.


Location: Bury St Edmunds leisure Centre
Time: 18:00-19:30
Suffolk family Carers Course

Location: Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre
Time: 18:00-19:30pm
Referrals Via Ixworth Patient Association only.
Spaces available

If a location is not advertised in the area you would like to attend a course please complete the form or contact us so we are aware of the need in your area.


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What did previous participants think?

“Succeeding at Stand Tall gave me confidence; it gave me the confidence to get a job. I found I enjoy meeting and talking to people, I’m not sat at home any more, I have a social life! I still get nervous when I do new things but at the same time I’m excited, pushing forwards is the only way to go.”

Rebecca, 2016

When asked about what part of the programme she felt has helped make these changes Jess replied,

“Both bits, the boxing and the wellbeing, but the wellbeing but made me think about myself. Eating healthier, and more regularly I even stopped smoking for a period, and I want to stop smoking for good” Jess’s mother could see the difference too, “Jess has energy, is definitely more confident, active, committed to something for the first time.” Jess agrees, “I feel better, I don’t sit watching TV as much, I feel more confident.”

Jess, 2016


There’s a range of useful apps, online resources and contact details for help and support for issues such as anxiety, depression, lack of physical activity, alcohol and drug addiction.

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