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Haverhill Self Centre

The Self Centre at Haverhill offers the perfect space to unwind, restore energy, and strengthen your body with a range of exceptional mind, body and strength classes.

The specialist yoga and pilates classes are available on the Platinum Membership or pay per visit for Gold and Silver members.

There are a number of treatment rooms offering therapies and treatments from local providers – see contact details below.

Class descriptions

Barre with Gillian
A combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like yoga and pilates. The barre is used to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. Light handheld weights can be incorporated into the class to bring the burn, as well as mats for targeted core work. This class is perfect to sculpt and tone the body for an all over body workout.

Barre Pilates with Gillian
Combine ballet positions with floor pilates and you get a beautiful, balanced but concentrated class that will leave you feeling stronger, stretched, toned and poised. Leave feeling satisfied that you have worked every part of your body without putting extra stress on your joints and increased mindfulness.

Body Balance & Virtual Body Balance
Body balance is the yoga-based class that will improve your mind and body. An inspired soundtrack plays as you bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises, and our instructors will always provide options for those just getting started. We offer early morning virtual Body Balance classes but strongly advise that you attend a live class with an instructor before trying one of these sessions.

Hatha Yoga with Gillian (Platinum members only)
Beginning with a short period of quiet to bring focus to the mat, preparing mind, breath and body for the practice to follow; students will be guided through a series of movements and sequences designed to limber the body and warm up muscles and joints in preparation for asana (posture) work. Asanas strengthen and tone the body, improving the flow of energy, helping to regulate the physical systems of the body and breath. Yoga helps us develop control over our breath to strengthen and improve your practice; Improving the quality of the breath not only increases vitality but also improves digestion, tones the nervous system and calms and concentrates the mind.

Hatha Yoga with Jill (Platinum members only)

Traditional Hatha Yoga which means physical yoga. Includes Iyenga and Dru Yoga styles of teaching. Jill is trained extensively in all aspects of Yoga including relaxation and meditation. Starting with gentle warm up exercises on the floor leading to stronger postures or positions. Students are assisted to achieve their potential. This yoga is more sequence yoga, flowing from one movement to another. Alternative postures are offered based on people’s ability or constraints, and we finish with a long relaxation.

Pilates (Platinum members only)

Pilates is an invigorating form of exercise for your mind and body that can improve your strength, flexibility and overall mobility. It helps restore your body to balance. The exercises require concentration, control, precision, specific breathing patterns and dynamic, fluid movements. Deep abdominal muscles remain fully engaged during the workout, while your body, arm and leg movements are performed. As a result, your posture will change and you will move more efficiently. You’ll achieve a strong core, develop longer, leaner muscles and improve your overall sense of well-being. And, if you are a sports enthusiast, Pilates can help improve your game.

Restorative Yoga with Gillian (Platinum members only)

An introduction to a form of gentle yoga with passive restorative postures to open the body, quiet the mind and move into a deep sense of relaxation. A meditative time to cultivate awareness of body breath and mind, this class is recommended for those experiencing stress, recovering from injury or illness, and anyone seeking a gentle class to unwind, relax and renew.

Runners Yoga with Gillian (Platinum members only)
The benefits of yoga for runners have been well documented – practising yoga can help runners rebalance their bodies, improve performance, reduce injury risk, relieve stress and increase mindfulness. What’s more, the strength and flexibility developed on the mat in the core, quads, hamstrings and hip flexors can help you run more efficiently. Use the breath to stretch and soothe the muscles of the body, stabilize the joints and find what feels good. In my class you will use the principles of yoga to cultivate balance and find ease.

Sivananda Hatha Yoga with Vimala (Platinum members only)
A traditional Indian style. The aim of the Sivananda practice is to promote physical, mental, and inner well-being. Flexibility, strength & toning of the body using core muscles and is attained quickly. The practice can be adapted to suit all age groups and physical abilities with its Asana variations and modifications so you can rely on a practice to suit you whether a beginner or advanced yogi…! Each session is working slowly and methodically to build confidence, balance, strength & flexibility at your own pace. We end each class with relaxation, breathing and meditation. This class will offer you the perfect way to end your week and start your weekend balanced and centred.

Tai Chi for Health with Carol
Discover the beautiful art of Tai chi, also called Tai Chi Chuan. This style combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements. Tai chi is characterised by its slow, graceful, continuous movements that are gentle on the joints and muscles. Done correctly, you will find that the Tai Chi poses flow smoothly from one into another. Many movements are completed with bent knees in a squat-like position. Originally developed as a martial art in 13th-century China, Tai Chi is today practiced around the world as a health-promoting exercise. Tai Chi’s health benefits have shown that the practice can help people aged 65 and over and help reduce stress, improve posture, balance and general mobility, and increase muscle strength in the legs.

Tone & Stretch with Gillian
Focuses on developing your core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. We will work your muscles to move better, bend easier and be able to reach higher. After you have toned you will then stretch your whole body to the next level and relax. The sessions are structured, and all fitness levels are welcome.

Yin Yan Yoga with Coco (Platinum members only)
This class will introduce you to the Vinyasa Flow of yoga (Yan) and the Ashtanga style (Yin). Vinyasa is derived from Ashtanga, its sun salute based with changing sequences which are powerful and fast paced. Great for building cardio strength, weight loss and building muscle tone. Ashtanga yoga (Yin) is designed to help you sit longer and more comfortably in meditation, holding poses for longer. The aim is to lengthen the muscles, deep tissues and fascia in the tightest areas of the body i.e. lower back. All postures are floor based either seated, lying or kneeling.

Yoga Flow with Jo (Platinum members only)
A beautiful combination of Hatha Yin and Restorative Yoga. Together we will explore the two styles of yoga and flow through them using traditional techniques, breathing and movement. I finish my class with relaxation and meditation leaving you with balance and calm.

Yoga Satsang with Vimala (Platinum members only)
A gathering of like minded individuals and perfect for those wanting to learn techniques for total relaxation. This practice is suitable for everybody. Learn how to reduce stress, anxiety and increase confidence and self-esteem with this gentle practice that releases happy hormones using the breath, relaxation and meditation.  Learn how to breathe better, cope with daily chores and tasks, concentrate, focus, enjoy life more. Free your breath, ignore the mind. Free the pain, be honest, true & kind.

Wake Up Yoga with Gillian (Platinum members only)
Explore some of the basic postures and breathing techniques that make up the practice of Hatha yoga. Students will learn about the basics of proper alignment and technique. Emphasis will be placed on core strength, flexibility and balance, as well as concentration and breath control. This class is based on physical postures (asanas), the sun salutations, deep breathing, mindfulness and listening to the body.

Sunrise Treatment Rooms

Our Sunrise Treatment rooms are available for hire – please contact

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