Pip Moore – GB Age Group Triathlete – moves to train with his girls and feel awake every morning

We asked Pip…

What motivates you to move more?
It seems to be a natural habit of mine, not to sit still.

I get itchy feet very quickly and have to be do something. The idea of sun-bathing by the sea on holiday sounds idyllic to some, but is probably my worst nightmare.

Training for Triathlon demands a lot of focussed time, but should also include strategic days off. This is also something I struggle to do effectively.

How does it make you feel when you are physically active?
I particularly like training early in the mornings as I feel you are then awake and set up for rest of the day.
Being honest, every time the gun goes to start one of my triathlon races; for the first few seconds I always ask myself ‘why on earth am I doing this?’ However, I soon get into race mode and really enjoy it (particularly the finish line).

What is your favourite way to be active?
I particularly like training on my bike during the summer months when I drop my girls off at silly o’clock in the morning for their swim training and I can get an hour or so out on the quiet roads just after sunrise.

What do you feel the benefits of being physically active are to you? 
One of the main benefits of keeping active, fit and healthy is being to participate and train with my girls, who also compete in Triathlon. Whilst I still have the edge on them at the moment, it won’t be long before I’m struggling to keep up.

Pip Moore
pip moore

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