Mildenhall Main Pool is set to re-open earlier than expected following work to repair a small area of its liner.

The pool was due to re-open on 9 April but now people can use the main pool again from Saturday 6 April.

All organisations involved apologise to pool users for the inconvenience and thank the groups and those who have booked for their understanding.

Abbeycroft will contact swim academy members and hirers via email on Friday afternoon (5th April). Online bookings will be open from 15:30 on Friday 5th April. The pool programme will be back to normal from Saturday 6th April.

The contractor, Wrightfield Pools, who installed the pool has acknowledged, that, the fault is with the welded joint and not with the liner itself, and that the rectification works will be covered under warranty. Abbeycroft and West Suffolk Council have been working closely with Wrightfield on the issue.

To carry out the repair works the pool needed to be drained and then refilled and heated as well as the necessary checks carried out for water quality – being careful to meet environmental regulations.

In a joint statement spokespeople for Abbeycroft and West Suffolk Council, said:

“We would like to thank all pool users for their patience and we are glad that the work has gone swiftly so it can be re-opened sooner. Thank you to Wrightfield for acting so promptly and working quickly with their liner contractor to resolve the issue. Once again we would like to apologise for any disruption caused by these works and hope people will once again enjoy this very popular and well used pool.”

Mark Rose for Wrightfield Pools, said:

“Although a large task by draining the pool we were able to work quickly and rectify the problem sooner than planned. It also meant we could carry out a thorough inspection of the whole pool and found this was just an isolated issue in a small area. While there has been no danger to any pool users this was a fault that needed to be rectified. We apologise for the disruption and any inconvenience this has caused.”

For further information for pool users please contact Abbeycroft on T. 01284 757473 or email


[This original media release was issued by West Suffolk Council]