Lisa Dalton moves to feel alive, able bodied and to feel amazing in the water!

We asked Lisa…

What motivates you to move more?
To keep my fitness up, because of my age, the menopause and because I have Parkinson’s.

How does it make you feel when you are physically active?
It makes me feel alive and able bodied – whilst I’m not actually disabled or unwell, being active overrides the symptoms I experience with Parkinson’s.

What is your favourite way to be active?
At the moment, cold water swimming. Open water is brilliant, but the cold water feels amazing both whilst in the water and after. I’m currently not able to run, whether that’s menopause or Parkinson’s, but I can walk a lot, having done 20, 30 miles and longer walks.

What do you feel the benefits of being physically active are to you? 
A reduction or complete removal, at least temporarily, of my symptoms of Parkinson’s and menopause. Equally, being active makes me tired and as both conditions give me problems sleeping it gives me the chance to actually manage a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Do you still use the Kingfisher pool?
I haven’t used the indoor pool for a while, but I will once the weather changes. Although I will be swimming open water, when it gets very cold there’s less swimming and more dipping so a pool is essential to keep up my fitness levels.

Lisa Dalton

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