Maintaining fitness, motivation and general wellbeing during lockdown can be tricky when you don’t have access to your usual facilities and equipment or the friends you would usually train with.

However, with some imagination and adaptation now, when leisure centres can re-open their doors you will be on track with your health and fitness goals ready to pick up where you left off.

I was a few days into starting my post-spinal surgery rehabilitation at Abbeycroft when the lockdown was imposed and all leisure facilities were closed.

My physio appointments were cancelled so it was up to me to progress my rehab at home. The following are my tips to a fit and healthy lockdown.

Routine: set a time of day aside for fitness and well being. Establishing a routine is important to keep your motivation high and for continuity.

Goals: now is the time to think about setting some new goals to work towards. Perhaps targeting aspects of your fitness that you haven’t had time to address before e.g. flexibility, mobility, upper body strength, core strength. Take the opportunity to make your fitness regime specific to you!

Equipment: look at the equipment you have available. A simple step or stair can be used for a variety of effective lower body strengthening exercises- single and compound.

The world is your oyster!

A mat gives you the opportunity for a multitude of a challenging core and yoga-based routine.

Got a stability ball? Game on!

There is plenty of info online to challenge your whole body.

Programme: once you have designed a programme be sure to write it down. Include sets, reps and frequency per week. This makes it easier to stick to.

Training buddies: Miss your training buddies? Form a Facebook or WhatsApp group and post your workouts and ideas to inspire and support each other.

Nutrition: Without the lure of eating out now is the time to nail your nutrition. Add some herbs and spices to your shopping list and re-create healthier versions of your favourite meals out.

Most importantly stay positive. If you make the best of what you can access and use during this period you will remain in the best possible shape ? ?

Dr Jo Coates
Abbeycroft Sporting Ambassador
Suffolk Sports Injury Clinic

The Sporting Ambassadors scheme is an initiative designed to support the most talented sports people in West Suffolk. The scheme provides nationally ranked athletes with free access to Abbeycroft Leisure Centres at designated times for personal training and development.

All of our Sporting Ambassadors are in the national squad or in the top ten nationally. As well as free access to our facilities our ambassadors are also invited to Abbeycroft led events such as Bury Goes Biking and The West Suffolk Sports Awards.

Over the programme’s lifetime we have had excellent feedback from our ambassadors as to how Abbeycroft Leisure and the facilities have been vital to their training.