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Exclusive Abbeycroft Staff Benefit


We all know the importance of physical exercise, but your emotional wellness is just as important. Sometimes you can face issues that not only affect your quality of life but the quality of your work too.

Healthy Extras from Westfield Health is an essential employee benefit, providing you with access to valuable services to help support your emotional wellbeing.

Big White Wall is the first step that you can take towards getting the support you need, and if you need it, you can talk to a GP over the phone or via a webcam, and access counselling services too.

Their services give quick and easy access to professional help 24/7, either online or over the phone to help with the pressures of everyday life.

Services include…


24/7 telephone access to a practising UK GP.

24 Hour Advice & Information Line


Big White Wall

A safe online space to get the support you need, in confidence.

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