If you’re lacking in motivation at the moment…don’t worry, you’re not alone!


January is a hard month to stay motivated even in normal times, but add to that another lockdown, uncertainty, worry and you’d be forgiven for feeling, well a bit flat.

But we’re passionate about promoting the benefits of exercise and how this can help your mental health, so we’d like to share some comments and examples of how exercise or physical activity have helped other people in Suffolk.

Firstly – our partner, Active Suffolk ran a campaign called ‘My Lockdown Activity Hero’ and this produced some great comments from people who had taken part.

“Due to Helen’s classes I am much stronger, fitter and happier with myself. I’ve dropped a dress size and no more back pain. Having Helen’s classes to focus on each day has helped me mentally and physically and I’m so grateful to her and all she puts into her classes. Even my husband has enjoyed joining me and keeping fit together has brought us closer together.”

“I have had a reason to get up in the morning to do Fiona’s classes rather than sitting around when we weren’t allowed to go out. It was motivation to keep active and fit. In my opinion, it prevented a lot of us from becoming isolated and depressed, Fiona set up a messenger page where we could support and chat to each other thus preventing the isolation feelings many were having.”

“I have felt less alone whilst staying active through lockdown – knowing all those ladies are in my phone feels like they’re still there when I go for a run, or a walk or a bike ride. I have no doubt that there are many ladies in our groups who wouldn’t have remained so active throughout lockdown if it wasn’t for ICR and for that we have Emma to thank.”

“I haven’t done any form of exercise for various reasons for over 2 years. I was encouraged by my daughter to join the first of these challenges and that was it – I was back regularly walking and even a little running and signed up for the following two challenges. By the end of the June challenge, I was walk/running at least 5 km most days and am still doing this though the challenges are no more. The Facebook group is still available for getting that motivation from others in the group. It is thanks to Gary and Wendy that I am moving again. True heroes who thoroughly deserve recognition.”

“Having Congenital Heart disease and undergone major heart surgery in 2015, I am a little restricted in how much bouncing around I can do safely! Sarah makes exercise fun. She is so welcoming and encouraging that I leave each class full of smiles and a sense of achievement. I love her soul. She does so much to encourage many in the community, it is no doubt the highlight of the week of many of her students.”

“Since coming out of Lockdown/shielding I have been left with quite severe anxiety. With the help of Luke and the Airborne team, I have worked with them to ensure Airborne becomes my safe place, working at a pace that suits me to ensure I can join in with the classes. Without this support I would not be back at the gym, I would still be stuck at home. Luke supports all his members, we are more than just a gym it is a community.”

“These sessions massively helped my mental health whilst under huge stress being a front line key worker during Covid-19. Without these HIIT sessions, fun & contact with others, lockdown would have been unbearable.”

“This has kept me going mentally and health-wise and I could not be more thankful and feel secure knowing Kay is always there no matter what. She is truly an inspiration.”

“Ian is always encouraging towards myself & others, but he has especially helped me, probably unknowingly, through a very tough time these past months since my father passed away. His time & effort into his virtual Parkrun organisation each week gave me something to look forward to and the motivation to get out the door each Saturday with a goal to aim for and try to better.”

Also – see below – two of our Abbeycroft Ambassadors and their stories.

Debbie from newmarket

Deb’s husband suffered a life-changing illness, which was extremely stressful, to say the least. She considers Abbeycroft as her second family, because of the support and friendship she has built up with the people who she does the classes with. 


Lauren from newmarket

Lauren used exercise to turn her life around after she gained weight at University and was unhappy in a job, which made her mental health spiral downwards.