Author: Jonny Landels, Certified Nutritionist, OPEX Certified Coach and owner of Next Step Nutrition

Where are you really spending your time?

Whether we like it or not, we live out our priorities through our schedule. Sometimes though, the things we spend time on are not the things we consider important.

There is an interesting experiment you can try;
Log how you spend your time for one full day. From getting up, to going to bed, jot down every 15 minutes, what you have been doing. I have to admit that I found it quite surprising when I did it myself.
Do you get bored at 10am and reach for a snack?
Do you spend 15 minutes scrolling Instagram when you make a coffee?

Be particularly, and specifically, honest.
Do not just write “work” from 9 to 5. Be open and honest. The next day, have a look, add it up. Where do you spend your time? What are you prioritising? How does that align with your values?
Think about your values, in terms of work, family, etc? Does your schedule reflect your values? Are you actually spending time on what you want to be doing?
As you go through your diary, you can identify where your time ‘suckers’ are. What can you, or would you change? Is it about doing one task at a time? Delegating? Eliminating time ‘sucking’ activities? Is it about doing fewer things with proper focus?

The Pomodoro technique is all about turning everything to ‘do not disturb’ and focusing on one task for 25 minutes. Then you take a break, get a drink, walk about, whatever; Then, back again for the next 25 minutes. It is a great productivity tool.

Where are you spending your time? The answer may surprise you.