George Byrne is an EFL Championship Assistant Referee and his wife Abi Byrne is a FIFA Women’s Referee

Here, they shared their reasons about why they ‘make their move’.

What motivates you to move more?
We love to keep fit! Obviously, we need to keep active to be able to perform in our roles as football match officials, but training also encourages us to get out of the house, socialise with people we wouldn’t usually see outside of the gym/pool/etc but, most of all, keeping active gives us a release from the general stresses and worries of life, to be refreshed and  to tackle the next obstacle.

How does it make you feel when you are physically active?
It makes us feel confident and motivated, which are both extremely important in our roles within football.

What is your favourite way to be active?
We mostly enjoy being out on a football pitch, doing the role we love, but outside of football, we like going to the gym, swimming, walking our dogs, cycling round the countryside roads or losing at badminton!

What do you feel the benefits of being physically active are to you? 
It’s hugely important for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is your physical condition and having the body shape you want, but it’s also priceless for mental well-being and a great way to socialise. You also meet people through sport, which you might not usually meet in your normal life.

abi byrne
george byrne

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