Making a difference


As a not-for-profit, social enterprise, we work for the benefit of everyone; our members, the community, partners and staff.

Our aim is simple – to provide opportunties and inspire people to lead healthier, active lifestyles.

We re-invest any financial surplus we make back into our services and we work with partners to secure funding to enable us to make a difference. 

This allows us to deliver a range of health and community programmes, often designed to ease the burden on the NHS and provide opportunties for everyone to be active, healthier and socially connected.

Below are just some of the programmes and initiatives we deliver on behalf of our partners, to help improve lives.

Older man stretching - case study thumbnail
Active Living

Health Pathways refer clients into 12 or 24 week programmes of exercise

Pregnant lady in field - case study thumbnail
Active Mums

Developed by midwives and health professionals, support women to make healthy choices in their pregnancy and meet other Mums-to-be.

Together tuesday group - case study thumbnail
Reducing Isolation

Swimming is a great all-round exercise, working almost every muscle in your body without putting stress on your joints, so it’s an ideal workout if you prefer something with less impact.

EO Family Park cooking - case study thumbnail
Explore Outdoor

Activity days aimed at children on free school meals and their families to be more active and make good food choices.

RIF Xmas meal group - case study thumbnail RIF
Reducing Isolation with Food

RIF – A series of programmes to reduce isolation by providing ready cooked meals over Christmas and throughout the year

Big Sport group - case study thumbnail
Big Sport

Big Sport is aimed at people living with a mental or physical disabilty to enjoy swimming, lunch and sports in an all-day supported group.

Teenagers boxing with instructor - case study stand tall
Stand Tall

A programme of education and activty, aimed at 11-19 year olds living with mental health conditions such as anxiety, low self esteem and social isolation.

NHS health checks case study thumbnail
NHS health Checks

NHS health checks are offered in 4 locations across our portfolio to ease the burden on the NHS and help detect early health conditions.

kids in pool - case study HAF thumbnail
Holiday Activity Fund - HAF

HAF funding has helped provide free holiday activities including lunch, for children on free school meals