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  • If you’re a member and you’ve used online booking in the past – do nothing, you’re ready to go!
  • If you’re a member, such as swimming or a gym member, and you’ve never used online booking then you will need to link your membership to online booking.
  • If you pay-as-you-go, then you will need to register on our system for a ‘Booking Only’ membership and link it to online booking.

Please follow the instructions below to register online and connect your membership to online services.

You can also manage bookings from within our App – however, the registration process is different – so you have to register for both online services and/or register for the App. If you prefer not to use the App, then just register online.


Registering online to use the centre

If you’re not registered as a user with us, you will need to register as either a monthly/annual member or pay-as-you-go customer.

You can choose from Non-Member pay-as-you go which is FREE or even better, join our Inspire Loyalty Card Scheme and receive discounts off many of our activities by £1 each time you visit.

Joining the Inspire Loyalty card scheme is £4 for adults & £2 for concessions which we re-invest into our Inspire Programmes. So by joining our Inspire scheme you are supporting your community as well as getting a discount on some of our activities.

1. First, you need to register as a user here 
2. You will then automatically receive a verification email to confirm your registration.
3. When confirming your registration, you will need to enter your password only (as your email address will already be in place).
4. Once this has been done you can then Activate online booking here as a non-member.
5. Once you have done this you will automatically receive a verification email to confirm your registration.

Please note that you only need to enter your password when clicking on the verification link, as your email address will already be in place.

Once this has been done you can then ‘Connect to your existing membership’.

screen shot register login


However, you will need to register on the App, which is a different registration process to the above registering online.
But it only takes a minute.

Screen shot of Abbeycroft app

ONCE YOU’VE DOWNLOADED THE APP and registered on the app

You now have access to everything you need about your leisure centre.

  • View timetables
  • Book activities
  • Track your workouts
  • Sync your wearables & take part in challenges

To book a session tap the ‘Book’ tile where you will be taken to our online booking service.

You will need to be registered to use the centre. This has to be done via the online registration process at the top of the page. It’s a separate registration for signing up to the app.

screen shot of book a class

Use Online Bookings via the app

  • If you are a paying member & have used online booking before but have forgotten your password, just go into the app, press the BOOK tile and then click forgotten password and you will be emailed a reset link.


  • Registered but not used online booking before?
    You need to link your account to activate with the online booking service.
    Choose ‘Switch to the full website’ to register and link to activate online booking.

pre-paid members

Are you a pre-paid member who has already registered online but is being charged when booking activities?

Sounds as though you do not have your membership connected to your online booking account.

This is easy to resolve.

Simply follow the below instructions.

1. Using the Abbeycroft App – log in and press Book A Class
2. Now ‘Switch to Full website’
3. Select ‘Register and Link’ and follow instructions


screen shot of book a class

If you still require help registering or linking your membership, so that you can book online – please get in touch.

Or try our ‘frequently asked questions’ – these are built from customer experiences.

features and rewards when you use our App

  • Find and book classes
  • Cancel a class booking
  • Earn rewards and discounts
  • Log-into your Swim Academy account
  • Join fitness challenges
  • Refer friends
  • Unlock deals within the leisure centres
  • View workout history
  • Record workouts
  • Connect your favourite activity apps and devices like Strava or My Fitness
  • Set and track goals
  • Push notifications
  • Follow the activity feed of friends
  • Comment and support others
  • View social media feeds
  • Add a Profile
  • Access to Coach Ai