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A guide to exercise on referral

By Nicki Mayhew

For many people, exercise is the direct solution to their problems.
According to the Department for Health, physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. It follows hypertension, tobacco use and high blood glucose – all of which are improved by a salutary dose of cardio.
NHS guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week. If this is something you are struggling with, then Exercise on Referral might be just the ticket for you.

What is Exercise on Referral

Exercise on Referral is a 12-week bespoke fitness scheme devised to increase physical activity levels on the authorisation of a medical professional. The aim is to combat the symptoms of poor health in a bid to increase lifespan and improve people’s quality of life.

Many people who join our Exercise on Referral scheme are looking to pull themselves out of a sedentary lifestyle slump or attempting to quit smoking. Others suffer from a pre-existing condition that’s negatively impacted their life, including:
Asthma or COPD
Musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis
Neurological conditions such as stroke
Mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression

How to get referred

In order to join an Exercise on Referral programme, you must be referred by a registered health professional in your locality. This could be a GP, dietician, physiotherapist, psychiatric nurse or a hospital referral.
If you are interested in Exercise on Referral at Abbeycroft, then you will need to get a medical professional to fill out this form and submit it back to us.

The next steps

Once you have been accepted onto the scheme, then you will be invited for an initial assessment to identify a training programme for you. This will be tailored to your own hobbies and interests, but it will also look at the best course of action for your needs.
Once your programme begins, you will be able to access support and expert advice throughout. Someone will also be on hand to help you increase intensity based on your progress.

Examples of activities

The activities you participate in will rely heavily on your existing level of health and current health conditions. Workouts range from fitness studio sessions to classes such as Tai Chi and water-based exercise such as aqua aerobics. View our full list here.

If Exercise on Referral sounds like it could benefit your lifestyle, then please speak to your GP or other relevant medical professional and ask them to fill out this form. For more information on Exercise on Referral at your Abbeycroft, please get in touch with your local centre here.